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Even post-legalization, there are benefits to having a medical marijuana recommendation in Californi

Recreational cannabis in the Golden State is a big deal. Passed in 2016, it makes California the sixth state to legalize recreational marijuana. Many thought this new market would mark the end of medical cannabis, but that’s far from true.

Even post-legalization, there are benefits to having a medical marijuana recommendation in California

Two years later, a medical marijuana ID card (MMJ ID card) offers more benefits than ever, especially in the Bay Area where medical marijuana is flourishing. The rate at which the cards are being issued has increased, a clear sign that seeing a cannabis doctor is still worth your time.

Local municipalities against recreational cannabis

Currently, there are 332 California cities that ban all commercial cannabis activities.

As of July 2017, of California municipalities:

  • 14% authorize recreational cannabis dispensaries

  • 19% allow recreational deliveries inside their borders

  • 20% permit storefront medical cannabis dispensaries

  • 32% grant medical cannabis deliveries like Nugg inside their borders

California has both recreational and medical cannabis establishments, but you have far more options with a MMJ card.

The benefits of medical cannabis

Medical cannabis patients also enjoy a plethora of benefits. These include:

  • Higher possession limits.

  • Medical cannabis establishments are legally allowed later operating hours.

  • Less restrictive purchase limits.

  • Strong legal protections under by Prop. 215.

  • Exemption from state (and some) local sales taxes.

  • In the Bay Area, you’re allowed to grow more cannabis plants.

  • People 18+ can buy medical cannabis with a MMJ card

  • Cannabis remains illegal for people under 21, so the only way to get legal marijuana is with a MMJ ID card.*

A MMJ ID card is part of a California program that registers all medical cannabis patients into a statewide database. It’s designed to easily verify them in the system only using an ID number — no private info like your address, phone number or social security.

Most people just go for a marijuana recommendation and never bother with a MMIC since it doesn’t require state registration (sharing personal info scares some). However, a MMIC is the only way to get a sales tax exemption.

No matter your preference, both protect your personal information in accordance with HIPPA regulations.

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