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California considers new cannabis delivery rules

California’s legal cannabis industry are looking to change rules on delivery services to help boost a struggling start.

California considers new cannabis delivery rules

Industry leaders and business owners met on Tuesday with the state’s top pot regulator Lori Ajax in hearing on the current state of the legal recreational marijuana market, reports the AP.

“Unfortunately, there is confusion out there,” Ajax said.

A particular proposal to allow home deliveries in cities that have banned cannabis sales was particularly controversial among those in attendance.

Supporters of the proposal contend that far too many Californians don’t have nearby access to purchasing legal cannabis, even in areas that have approved sales.

Opponents, such as Mina Layba from the Southern California suburb Thousand Oaks, argue that local licensed businesses would suffer from allowing unchecked deliveries.

“Who then gets the benefit of taxes from deliveries?” Layba asked.

Sarah Armstrong of the advocacy group Americans for Safe Access the countered with the fact that home delivery is essential for medical cannabis patients too sick to travel for treatment, or for those living in areas that have banned pot businesses from operating.

“The patients are citizens too. They have rights and they have needs,” said Armstrong.

The hearing also addressed several more reasons why the current legal market suffers, including a thriving black market and testing rules that have left store shelves empty.

The state will now consider changes to the rules, although any revisions made would take effect months from now.

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