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Mesh Ventures Completes Investment in Grasshopper Kiosks

Mesh Ventures, an investment group and developer of the largest multi-use cannabis campus in America, announced that it has completed its investment in Grasshopper Kiosks – the nation's leading provider of automated kiosks and sales management software designed exclusively for the cannabis industry.

In conjunction with the investment, Grasshopper Kiosks will be moving their corporate headquarters and opening a showroom in the Edgewater Innovation Campus alongside Mesh Ventures' headquarters in Oakland.

Grasshopper Kiosks helps dispensaries serve more customers by creating a "fast lane" that provides rapid self-service sales of popular items. Additionally, brands can avoid the problems with the lack of shelf space at most dispensaries by featuring their products in a prominent, exclusive kiosk.

These attention-generating systems also play videos for welcoming messages, advertisements, and promotions.

Ron Christensen, spokesman for Grasshopper Kiosks said that the investment from Mesh Ventures will help the company grow nationwide.

"We have spent the better part of two years creating the only compliant kiosk platform in the market, and we look forward to providing our ground-breaking suite of products to dispensaries throughout the country," he said.

Because Grasshopper Kiosks' new software system integrates with Metrc via the dispensary’s POS system, dispensaries can now create new climate-controlled shelf space within a compliant system that tracks sales and provides greater efficiencies and reduced operating costs.

Parker Berling, partner in Mesh Ventures, said that Grasshopper Kiosks offer a unique way for brands to get in front of customers.

"With Grasshopper Kiosks, brands can grab customer's attention and promote themselves through a powerful, eye-catching system," he said. "Plus, it helps dispensaries sell to more customers without having to add personnel."

Mesh Ventures Completes Investment in Grasshopper Kiosks

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