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Wonderland Nursery to Provide Cannabis Plants for the Popular Southern California Grow Off Competiti

Wonderland Nursery, Humboldt County's premier dispensary of high quality clones, announced that it will be providing the plants for the popular Southern California "Grow Off" competition.

The Grow Off is the largest cannabis cultivation contest in America. Called the "Iron Chef of Pot," the Grow Off gives identical cannabis seedling clones to growers, and then measures their results after harvest.

Wonderland Nursery to Provide Cannabis Plants for the Popular Southern California Grow Off Competition

The specific strain and genetics of the plant are hidden from the growers, which creates an interesting and equitable foundation for the contest.

This year, entertainer and entrepreneur Berner is selecting the strains from plants growing at Wonderland Nursery. Berner is the co-developer of some of the most popular cannabis strains in the world, including the extraordinarily successful "Cookies" brand.

Founded by former Denver Post cannabis critic Jake Browne (New York Times, Rolling Papers) and Samantha Taylor (CNBC's "Marijuana USA"), the Grow Off enters its third year as the world's first science-based cannabis cultivation competition.

Over 200 licensed companies have competed in past events. Participants are given access to a compliance team to make sure everything operates under California's new laws.

The plants are sourced from Wonderland Nursery, one of California's leading providers of extremely high-quality clones.

Kevin Jodrey, a world-famous grower and partner in Wonderland Nursery, said that this is going to be a very exciting competition.

"We are very happy to be providing the plants for this competition and very excited to announce that we are rolling out our tissue culture line from our new facility this winter," Jodrey said.

Wonderland Nursery will soon be announcing the opening of its new advanced tissue culture propagation lab. The technology produces cloned plants with identical genetics under sterile conditions that eliminates pests, molds, and pathogens.

The Grow-Off donates a portion of entry fees to charitable causes. This year, the contest will be giving a portion of proceeds to Freedom Grow, a non-profit organization that provides support to non-violent people who have been imprisoned for Marijuana.

For information on Wonderland Nursery, call: (707) 923-2175 or visit:

For information on The Grow-Off, visit:

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