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New Medical Marijuana Dispensary Can't Keep Up With Demand

An Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary open less than a week is already having trouble keeping up with demand.

There was a steady line of people throughout the day at Healthy Buds dispensary.

Michael Monroe opened his shop on Monday and he says he is one of few dispensaries already selling medical marijuana.

"I found a grower in OKC, he was on it and I said alright," Monroe said.

New Medical Marijuana Dispensary Can't Keep Up With Demand

Monroe is a licensed grower and is growing his own plants, but he didn't want to wait until they were ready to start helping people.

What he didn't realize was how high the demand would be. He says he is having to buy more stock almost daily, and he is selling out just as fast.

Monroe says the few growers ready for production have raised their prices.

"I am paying $4,000 a pound," Monroe said.

The prices are forcing him to sell for more than he wanted and pull from his savings, just to keep his doors open.

"I am not making money on this," Monroe said. "It isn't like if we close down I am not making money, if we close down I can't help these people."

Monroe says once his plants are harvested, he plans to cut his prices in half.

"I think it is detrimental that there aren't other dispensaries open because I know that would lower the prices," customer Lauren Sutton said.

Until that day, people like Mark Linthicum are making it work.

“it is tough," Linticum said. "But to keep my sanity I do it. I am on social security so it really hurts me.”

Making ends meet for the only medicine Linthicum says works for him.

“Unless they lower the prices to something people can afford," he said.

He is hopeful that will come with the new year.

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