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Cannabis Company Sad that CBS Rejected their Medical Marijuana Super Bowl Ad

Acreage Holdings, an American medical cannabis company, says that CBS has rejected their 60-second advertisement for the Super Bowl that they say makes a case for medical marijuana.

The company says that the ad shows "three people suffering from varying health issues who say their lives were made better by use of medical marijuana."

Cannabis Company Sad that CBS Rejected their Medical Marijuana Super Bowl Ad

They also say that they were willing to pay the $6 million price tag for a Super Bowl commercial "just to make the announcement that medical marijuana is saving the lives of people all over the country."

"The denial of the commercial has created an uproar in the cannabis space, where scientists, doctors, and patients are sitting with dropped jaws over the breaking news, in shock at CBS was so quick to shut down the only product that shows so much promise when it comes to combating a leading cause of death in our country," said Davis Bourgeois of CMW Media.

We doubt there was such an uproar. No one thought that CBS would approve the ad, and this is just a publicity stunt by Acreage Holdings.

There have been several attempts at getting a commercial for a cannabis product on television, but most are unsuccessful. The first to successfully navigate the challenging waters was Randall Huft, CEO and Creative Director at The Innovation Agency.

They created a television commercial for their client, Eureka Vapor, and managed to get in on the air in the Los Angeles market. This was the first television commercial for a cannabis product in the United States.

Nowadays, people trying to get ads on platforms as large as the Superbowl are simply trying to get some free publicity.

News to Acreage Holdings: This is an old idea and has been done before. Come up with something new, or hire a better advertising and PR agency.

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