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Utopia Wins Big at Emerald Cup

Utopia, an award-winning cannabis company specializing in producing the world’s finest flowers, exquisite extracts, and artisanal edibles, won multiple awards including First Place at the Emerald Cup cannabis competition.

The Emerald Cup is the largest, most respected cannabis competition in the world. The event brings together experts and educators in the cannabis industry, along with farmers, producers, patients and consumers, to identify and celebrate the year’s finest cannabis products.

Utopia Wins Big at Emerald Cup

Utopia’s Raspberry Macaroons won 1st Place in the Infused Edible category. The delicious and nutritious snacks contain organic shredded coconut, raspberry and almond flour, vanilla extract and Himalayan salt, along with other carefully selected ingredients in a special recipe that captures the fruity flavors of fresh picked berries on a summer day. The THC-infused organic cookies, which have also won several High Times and Chalice awards, are a perfect way to lift your spirits and delight your taste buds.

Utopia also took 6th place in the same category for its tantalizing Vanilla Macaroons. With an almost magical mixture of coconut, vanilla, almond and agave, these healthy treats have won over a dozen awards across all five flavors.

“We are thrilled to have won both 1st and 6th place at Emerald Cup, and honored to share these healthy treats” said Emily Bercow, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Office of Utopia. “We are so grateful for the Blake family and the community they have built through the Emerald Cup!”

Utopia provides the purest cannabis products in the world: Each product undergoes full-spectrum testing to ensure purity and consistency. Utopia’s is vertically integrated from cultivation to infusion. Their flowers are grown with natural fertilizers and organic pest management techniques. The company’s extracts are highly refined and full of cannabis derived terpenes and full-spectrum cannabinoids for a rich experience. And Utopia’s award-wining edibles are made with organic and non-GMO ingredients that offer a sublime alternative to sugary candies or salty snacks.

Utopia is committed to clean, quality cannabis and integrity in everything they do.

For more information on Utopia, or for locations on where to purchase Utopia products, call: (831) 824-4099, or visit:

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