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Guide To Cannabis-Infused Meditation

Meditation is your gateway to self-transcendence. It will help you in becoming more consciously aware. Meditation will render you to be not just aware of your surroundings, but also to be more aware of your body, your thoughts–your entire being.

If you haven’t tried meditating, now is the time to do so. Let go and overcome any self-defeating resistance so that you can reap the enormous benefits of meditation.

Guide To Cannabis-Infused Meditation

However, if you have been meditating already and are currently exploring ways to gain more out of it, then read till the end. This guide will help you better tame the voice in your head, become more effective and focused, or lessen the pain in your body.

Let’s talk about achieving mindfulness with meditation and marijuana.

Since meditation requires extreme focus, you may find it hard sometimes to let go of the stressors and negative thoughts. Living in the present moment can be difficult especially with the daily distractions demanding your attention.

Accessing an extraordinary state of consciousness, however, is not impossible especially with the help of meditation and marijuana.

Cannabis calming benefits and its natural healing properties provide complete body relaxation. On the other hand, meditation helps you elevate your mind. The brilliant combination of meditation and marijuana, therefore, will bring you not only to the state of relaxation, but also the clarity of mind and stress relief.

Health practitioners and researchers have found that combining meditation and marijuana will help improve your overall health. Several studies suggest that the combination can treat conditions like anxiety, depression, insomnia and even chronic pain.

Many practitioners nowadays, use meditation and marijuana to help them and their clients better manage their anxiety and stress. A number of them observed that using cannabis helped them reach a deeper meditative state. And most of their claims have been proven by science.

Meditation not only helps in self-transcendence, but also in reducing bodily pain. Studies have shown that it can help lower body pain and inflammation. While cannabis has been used widely to treat mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, and PTSD. It has been used also to treat epilepsy and chronic diseases. Just like meditation, marijuana has been used to improve both mental and physical health.

Good ol’ marijuana therefore can help you reach the state of (profound stillness) enjoyment while at the same time helping you regulate your emotion and improve your health. Cannabis can enhance the meditative process due to its unique ways of interacting with each individual’s endocannabinoid system. It provides users with heightened sensory, relax, gain insight, and go deeper spiritually. Thus, combining meditation and marijuana supplies powerful effects.

If you’re new to meditation, it is recommended that you get used to it first before attempting to add cannabis in your routine. Be responsible and make sure you know your own personal tolerance since cannabis affects everyone differently.

See below tips to maximize the benefits of cannabis-induced meditation

1. Find the right strain for you. Different marijuana strains affect everyone differently. It is ideal to choose a strain that provides greater relaxation without distracting you with hunger or thirst. Sativa strains (and Sativa-dominant hybrids) are ideal for daytime use as its effects are energizing and focusing. Indica strains (and Indica-dominant hybrids) are ideal for night-time use as its more relaxing and sedating.

2. Choose the most comfortable method of consuming cannabis for you. Marijuana can be consumed in a number of ways: by smoking, vaping, use of tinctures, and edibles. If you choose to smoke it, just take a few hits and wait for it to take effect. Vaping will allow you to microdose, while consuming edibles can take up to two hours to truly kick in.

3. When meditating, make sure your environment is conducive to peace and relaxation. Whatever your chosen method, make sure that there’s a comfortable place to sit and rest. Pick also a place where you won’t be distracted and it has the ideal temperature.

Proper meditation includes a heavy focus on breathing and controlling your breath the right way. When you focus on the speed of your breath and the motions of your chest when it expands and extracts, it becomes easier for you to enter a state of relaxation and clarity.

At first, you may find it hard to truly connect with your breath because you do it every moment of the day without even paying attention to it. If you’re struggling with focusing on your breath, then adding cannabis to your routine will definitely help since it will induce you to a euphoric state.

Another way you can combat distractions so you can better focus on your breathing is to make mental notes of each inhale and exhale in your mind. If it’s impossible for you to overcome the distraction, then don’t fret–because it’s okay. You can acknowledge whatever it is that’s distracting you, but don’t engage on it.

It’s okay not to get it right all the time. However, make sure that when you get distracted, make an effort to refocus your thoughts again to your breath. Focusing properly to your breathing will help you relax your overactive mind, which is the ultimate goal of meditation.

Meditation is like exercising a muscle, so try your best to practice it every day.

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