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Hippo Expands its Selection of Duallok Packaging

Hippo Premium Packaging announced that it now has a variety of new sizes of the award winning Duallok packaging system.

Duallok has won a plethora of international packaging awards. It is a user friendly packaging system that meets the 16 CFR 1700 guidelines for child resistance. The format can be tailored to hold anything from vape pen to pre-roll products to gummies, and is available in a wide range of print finishes.

Hippo Expands its Selection of Duallok Packaging

The new Duallok packaging just completed “Bracket Testing,” which certified the system as child-resistant in all sizes currently offered in the product line.

Duallok can be ordered in custom sizes ranging from just over 4-inches high and 2-inches wide, to a whopping 8-inches tall.

Hippo says the packaging system builds brands, enhances loyalty, and stimulates repeat purchases.

"Customers love Duallok packaging because it is easy to use, distinctive, and keeps products safe. Businesses love Duallok because it is an affordable, compliant way to stand out from the competition and position their products as upscale, unique, and attractive," the company said in a statement.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer our customers a new range of sizes in the Duallok line,” said Kary Radestock, Co-Founder and CEO of Hippo Premium Packaging. “This is the perfect packaging solution for so many products. I encourage all of our clients and anyone with a cannabis product to call us and see if this remarkable packaging system is right for them.”

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