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The Best Dispensaries in California

California is truly the world’s kush kingdom. So, in a state where you can buy marijuana products almost everywhere, what are the best dispensaries? Where can you pick up the highest quality greens, the dankest nugs, super customer service, ample parking, and a welcoming atmosphere?

Here is our list of The Best Dispensaries in California.

(In no particular order)

The Apothecarium

The Apothecarium, with San Francisco locations planted in SOMA, the Marina, and the Castro, aims to emulate the feel of a boutique clothing store or hotel. The Castro location won Architectural Digest’s award for best cannabis space in the country, and the luxe aesthetics match well with a reasonably priced and well-stocked selection along with top-notch service and education events for healthcare professionals and medical patients. Take your first-timer friends here for an all-around classy experience that ends with everyone enjoying some great cannabis and getting a Mission burrito.

Kind Peoples

There’s a lot to like about Santa Cruz’s largest marijuana dispensary. First off, new visitors are greeted with a house blend preroll (of locally grown flower tested by SC Labs) for just a buck. For savvy return customers, they offer express lanes for online orders so you can grab your greens and get going. One thing that sets KindPeoples apart from most other shops is their expansive digital seed bank and selection of starter plants (clones), should you decide you want to grow your own bud. If so, Californians are legally allowed -- to grow up to six plants at home.

Kings Crew

Kings Crew is a different king of dispensary - with a contemporary vibe, plenty of parking, plus friendly and knowledgable team members ready to assist customers and answer any questions, making it the perfect place for newbies or experiences canna lovers. The dispensary is operated by some of the leading experts in the legal cannabis industry and they've put their experience to good use, and built Kings Crew into one of the most beautiful, full-service dispensaries on the West Coast. The name, "Kings Crew" was selected because the staff treats customers like royalty. The store offers the best brands in cannabis, including: Gold Flora, Canndescent, Honeydew Farms, Sherbinskis, Mary's Medicinals, Care by Design, and many more. Stop by the next time you're in Long Beach and enjoy a great shopping experience.

The Best Dispensaries in California


This blossoming franchise is the brainchild of hip hop artist and marijuana mogul Berner, who opened the chain of state-of-the-art dispensaries in the hopes of setting a new standard in a city flush with pot shops on every corner. Of course there are big money options that can set you back over $130 per gram, but even if your budget is smaller you’ll find quality items. Flower is grown and trimmed on site, and Berner even has plans to install picture windows on grow rooms so walk-ins can admire the crops before consuming.


When As one of the oldest, most respected dispensaries in the world, Harborside has made an important contribution to making cannabis safe and available to consumers in Northern California. The Harborside staff is passionate about the plant, and can make recommendations that are tailored to each individual's particular needs. Co-Founder Steve DeAngelo has been called "the father of the cannabis industry" and is a pioneer in the industry. Harborside recently became a publicly traded company so you can buy stock in the operation. Let's hope that this turn toward Wall Street doesn't soften Harborside's reputation for being on the side of the people.

Urbn Leaf

With three beautiful locations in San Diego, Urbn Leaf has a look modern enough to be mistaken for a high-end coffee shop or mainstream retail experience. It’s that warm, highly designed touch that makes Urbn Leaf so appealing. Known for a professionalism that invites inquiry, discovery and conversation, Urbn Leaf’s selection of products is unrivaled and perfect for any type of consumer.

Airfield Supply Company

A stunning dispensary in San Jose, Airfield Supply Company has an onsite grow operation. . From the lobby, you can observe the mother plants and clones as expert growers tend to the cannabis plants. Some of these clones are available for sale, while a majority of them will be sent upstairs to the flower rooms. Eight to twelve weeks after being transplanted upstairs, they harvest the large marijuana colas and send them to the processing department where they are dried, cured, and trimmed. After trimming, the manicured cannabis is sent to the retail department, offering customers some of the freshest indoor marijuana available on the market.

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