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Infused Products Conference Featured Industry Leaders and Expert Advice

The Infused Products Conference was held September 23-24 in Los Angeles, and featured a plethora of industry experts sharing a wide range of expertise on topics ranging from creating a winning brand, to developing compliant packaging, to understanding terpenes.

According to conference promoters, among the three primary cannabis licensed businesses – cultivation, retail and infused products – the latter is the least understood and the most complex, offers the most options for branding and specialization, and has the most nebulous regulatory structure.

Infused Products Conference Featured Industry Leaders and Expert Advice

In addition, the science involved is complex, the potential to incur financial loss is great, and compliance is compounded by food, manufacturing and Environmental Health and Safety regulations.

Infused products businesses also have special Seed-to-Sale tracking requirements that are often misunderstood and difficult to navigate.

The conference provided an opportunity to hear from some of the industry's leading experts weigh in on a number of topics.

There were several notable presentations, including:

  • Greg Gamet of Gold Flora Farms discussing operational processes and procedures in infused products manufacturing.

  • Randall Huft of The Innovation Agency offering advice on how to create a brand that outperforms the competition.

  • Kary Radestock of Hippo Premium Packaging counseling attendees on how to create packaging that is not only compliant, but helps sell the product.

Other speakers included executives from Dixie Brands, Apeks Supercritical, and Utopia.

With the market for edibles, vape cartridges, wax, shatter, beverages, tinctures, capsules, patches and topicals nearing 50% of dispensary and adult-use sales, the infused products sector is exploding, and the Infused Products Conference was a great place to get information, ideas, and expert advice in one convenient setting.

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