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GENIFER M Becomes High Point Jewelry

GENIFER M, the nation’s premier line of luxury cannabis-inspired jewelry, announced it is changing its name to High Point Jewelry.

Glenn Murray, Co-Founder of GENIFER M, said the name change parallels the evolution of the cannabis industry.

“As perceptions towards cannabis change, we wanted to change,” he said. “We became High Point Jewelry to reach a wider range of people. We’ll still have the jewelry we’re famous for, and we’re adding exciting new collections.”

According to a company statement, High Point Jewelry represents the new cannabis lifestyle. It’s for individuals that appreciate the finer things in life, are adventurous, have a love for life, a sense of style, and a zestful nature.

High Point Jewelry is deeply rooted in the cannabis movement. Company leaders have been instrumental in shaping the industry. Their collective history includes operating extraction and manufacturing facilities, owning a popular dispensary, creating a leading brand of THC and CBD products, working with influential trade associations, and advising politicians on crafting fair and equitable cannabis legislation.

GENIFER M Becomes High Point Jewelry

“We are probably the only company that has equal parts of jewelry and cannabis in our DNA,” Murray said.

High Point Jewelry has three distinct lines:

The High Point Collection is the name of their premium gold, platinum, diamond, and select gemstone designs. The company’s most brilliant pieces are in this extraordinary collection.

GenM is their line of .925 sterling silver, and includes beautiful designs in a wide range of prices.

The Molecule Collection features the company’s original, distinctively designed CBD and THC molecules, crafted into unique earrings and necklaces. These popular pieces are available in gold and silver, adorned with an assortment of beautiful gemstones.

For information on High Point Jewelry, call: 480-629-4951, or visit:

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