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Best Father's Day Gifts for CannaDads

On Father's Day, give Dad something so cool he'll always remember it. Put a smile on your CannaDad's face with a gift he never would have expected!


High Point Jewelry is the nation’s first and leading “cannabis-inspired” jewelry company, and offers customers a unique selection of beautiful artisan-crafted pieces in every price range and style - from bashful to bold.

The company’s Father’s Day Specials are on a beautifully designed Sativa Leaf, which can be worn as a lapel pin or a tie tack. This unique piece of jewelry is available in handsome sterling silver and high quality 14k gold.

High Point Jewelry Father's Day Gifts

Glenn Murray, Chief Designer at High Point Jewelry, said that the leaf pin is perfect for the person that wants something distinctive, functional, and interesting.

“This is a piece of jewelry that most people don’t already own, and once they have one, it becomes indispensable,” Murray said. “Plus, the fact that it can be used as a pin or to keep a tie in place adds wonderful versatility.”

High Point Jewelry’s Father’s Day Specials can be found on the company’s website, at:


Designed for professional growers and labs, this pro-level system makes a cool gift for the dad that has everything. The Purpl PRO potency testing system fits in your pocket and turns your smart phone into an instant lab! Get unlimited tests of THC and CBD, and unlike other testing methods, the samples tested are not harmed!

Purpl PRO Potency Testing

Purpl PRO is made by the scientists and engineers at Purpl Scientific - a company that got its start making super expensive testing systems for the pharmaceutical industry. Using that knowledge, they took the same technology and adapted it for the cannabis industry, and created a portable, affordable, lab-accurate testing device that fits in the palm of your hand.

Purpl PRO is only sold through the company's network of authorized dealers, but there is a list of them on their website, so pick one near you and get the coolest gift you dad could ever imagine!

Visit to learn more, and make your way to the "Where to Buy" page.

Colorado Concentrates and Gummies:

No better concentrates in Colorado than those from Yeti Farms. This unique, out of the way farm uses natural techniques and old-fashioned farming methods to create the best weed in the state. They then turn all this fabulous flower into liquid gold - creating a variety of concentrates, waxes, and gummies that are pure, natural, and clean.

Yeti Farms Colorado

Their newest product is called Yummies - fresh from the farm gummies infused with Yeti's own special oils and natural flavors.

Some say these are the best gummies they've ever tasted, and the euphoric feeling these edibles impart is second to none.

Get your dad some Yeti Farms concentrates or gummies, and you'll have your father feeling fab!

More information at:


Desert AZEE Dried Pineapple treats with CBD are rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants and enzymes. These delicious chunks are a healthy treat, infused in the high mountains of Arizona with their own home-grown full spectrum extract. Every batch of oil is laboratory tested and certified.


The company also has a full line of CBD products, including tinctures, aloe gel, doggie treats, and a wonderful healing balm that helps relief aching joints and sore muscles.

Moreover, these products have no THC, so they won't leave dad feeling high, and they are legal in all 50 states.

Just order online at:


Ostensibly a cautionary tale about the dangers of cannabis use, the 1936 production is really a seedy exploitation flick. In the film, pushers lure innocent high-schoolers into the underworld of marijuana. Naturally, terrible things ensue, from a hit-and-run accident to manslaughter, suicide, attempted rape, hallucinations, and a descent into madness.

Reefer Madness has become a midnight-screening classic, and an ironic touchstone for cannabis lovers and cult-film fanatics alike.

If your dad happens to be both of those things, he’ll love this framed print based on the movie’s original poster.

You can get one here.

Hemp Cigars:

Dad can relax with this delicious Hemp, Hops & Lemon Balm Herbal Tobacco-Free Hemp Cigar. Made from the flowering tree of the Cordia with an all natural corn husk filter.

Perfect for a special occasion, or enjoyed solo for relaxation, or before bedtime!

Available in two sizes: Slim - 1.5 grams and King - 2 grams.

Each cigar is hand made to order. Made with organically grown Colorado hemp flower from Carpenter Botanicals Farms.

Other ingredients include: Hops Flowers, Organic Lemon Balm, & King Palm Leaf Wrap.

Each cigar is delivered in a reusable glass storage tube with cork.

Order here:

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