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Meet the Cannabis Industry's Leading Business Dispute Resolution Specialist

The cannabis industry is unique, and has more than its fair share of challenges, pitfalls, and problems.

However, there is one man that has been quietly working behind the scene for years to help cannabis companies solve their problems.

Scott Yahraus is the cannabis industry's leading expert in business dispute resolution and profitability enhancement.

He has made a career of helping cannabis companies solve complex issues. He has been part of teams appointed by judges in dozens of legal proceedings to oversee operations of troubled companies, and he has unparalleled experience in navigating cannabis businesses out of turbulent waters.

Yahraus is a rare breed. There simply are not many business specialists with specific expertise in the cannabis industry – a sector that is mired in a complex web of laws, taxes, and regulations that can make the pathway to profitability seem cloudy at best.

Meet the Cannabis Industry's Leading Business Dispute Resolution Specialist

There are several unique methods that Yahraus utilizes to solve business disputes, restore profitability, and protect cannabis companies and brands. He states that cannabis companies are unique compared to conventional businesses due to state regulations, investor and operator expectations, and the lack of banking.

"I have been in business for 18 years and in the last 5 have managed over 60 companies in various industries, including dispensaries, cultivations, manufacturing, and extraction," Yahraus said. "This has given me a body of work and breadth of experience that is immensely valuable to any company facing difficulties," he added. "The fact is, chances are that whatever problem a cannabis business may be experiencing, I've seen it, dealt with it, and solved it, many times before."

Yahraus is now offering a low-cost initial consultation for cannabis companies facing business challenges. He will analyze the situation and offer a plan for solving business disputes, cash-flow problems, or any of a myriad of other issues. For a fast response, contact Scott through his website at:

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