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Yeti Farms Doubles Plant Count for Medical Cannabis

Yeti Farms, one of Colorado's most respected cannabis farms, announced it has doubled the size of its plant count for medical cannabis, from 1500 to 3000. The increase allows the farm to produce more of the pure oil used in its popular Yummies and well-known concentrates, including Blonde Sugar 2020.

Yeti Farms sells its all-natural products only in Colorado, but is known worldwide for pioneering organic processes that produce ultra-premium cannabis – without any artificial chemicals, pesticides or herbicides. The farm's unique homemade fertilizers are made with natural ingredients, and the recipe is now famous among growers as far away as the Netherlands, Canada, and South America.

Yeti Farms Doubles Plant Count for Medical Cannabis

The farm turns its superb cannabis flower into pure oils that are used to make its award-winning concentrates and edibles.

Shawn Honaker, founder of Yeti Farms, said that doubling the plant count means that the company will be able to keep up with demand for its products.

"We are literally selling our Yummies as fast as we can make them," Honaker said. "The Colorado market is swamped with edibles, so it is wonderful that so many people love and have switched to our gummies," he added. "Now we'll be able to make them faster and keep our dispensaries fully stocked."

Yummies were developed to set a new standard for gummies. They are delicious, consistent, and made with all natural, farm-fresh ingredients.

Yummies are available in a variety of strengths and natural flavors, including: Lemon-Lime, Melon-Melon (cantaloupe and watermelon blend), Stromegranate (strawberry and pomegranate blend), Grapefruit, and Inferno - Colorado's hottest cinnamon edible. New flavors are in development and will be released soon.

Yeti Farms' products are available at dispensaries throughout Colorado. Customers can also ask their local dispensary to order Yeti Farms' products and they can be delivered - usually within one day.

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