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School Teacher Says She Can't Have Sex Without Weed

It just makes sex so much better. You feel your entire body relaxing, and every sensation is heightened. I don’t know how, but it somehow delays your orgasm, too. I actually rarely have sex without getting high these days.”

That’s according Catriona. She’s 26, works as a school teacher, and routinely smokes weed before she has sex. She says it improves everything about sex for her and her partner — the intimacy, the sensations, and yeah, the orgasms.

School Teacher Says She Can't Have Sex Without Weed.

"We also tend to have sex more often,” she says. “I think because when you’ve smoked, you’re a lot more relaxed and just, you know, in the mood more often.”

Indeed. New research, recently published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine, shows that there’s a distinct correlation between use of marijuana and frequency of sex.

The study looked at data collected from the annual drug and alcohol surveys conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention between 2002 and 2015. The results showed that women who smoked daily had sex, on average, a little over seven times a month, compared to six times a month for non-smokers.

The results were similar for men, with smokers averaging six sex sessions a month, and non-smokers five and a half times. Researchers controlled for other variables like age, alcohol use, whether the participants had children and even religion — and found that still, the findings held true.

Sex therapist and relationship coach Jacqueline Hellyer isn’t surprised by the results at all. “I mean, yeah!” she says, laughing a little. “Of course it would lead to more sex. Smoking pot is a bit like having a glass of wine, you know. It relaxes you. It puts you in the mood.”

While she doesn’t outright endorse the practice, she says she can see why people — and in particular, women — would turn to pot for a little help in the bedroom. “Many of my clients have anxiety around sex, and smoking helps them tune out that mental noise. It allows them to be calm and in the moment, which helps them enjoy sex a lot more.”

In fact, Hellyer says she’s seen many clients who only have sex when they’re high and want to stop this behavior. “Often they want to stop when they’re trying to have a baby,” she says. “So we work on stopping the association of smoking and sex, and figure out other ways to get them in the mood — going for a long, relaxing walk, taking a bath, having a massage.”

n the US, where marijuana has been legalized in many states, weed aphrodisiacs are beginning to take hold.

Sexxpot, for example, is a strain of weed that’s quite low in THC, meaning it heightens sensory awareness but doesn’t get the user too high. Developed by Karyn Wagner after discovering the effect it had on her sex life, it’s the first weed aphrodisiac specifically targeted at women.

“Sexxpot puts the body in a sensual headspace,” says Wagner. “It mellows you out. It makes sex better.” Another product, Foria (a THC-laced lube), is also gaining traction in the States.

As for Catriona, she’s never tried any weed product made specifically for sex, but she says she wouldn’t rule it out. “I just really love having a smoke before sex,” she says. “Sex is such an important part of our lives. Don’t you want it to be as good as it can be?”


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