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Best Canna Valentine's Gifts

Flowers, candy, cards... it all gets a bit boring, right? This year, give your Valentine something they really want: A canna gift!

Whether it's cannabis themed jewelry, or edibles, or something else - a ganja gift will get the heart pounding.

Here are our picks for the best Valentine's gifts for the cannabis, hemp and CBD lover:


The Best Canna-Valentine's Gifts

High Point Jewelry

High Point Jewelry is the nation’s leading brand of luxury cannabis-inspired jewelry. The collection includes a wide range of items that are now worn by everyone from celebrities and athletes, business executives and soccer moms, budtenders and jewelry aficionados.

The company's main point of distinction is that they only use the highest quality materials, including genuine diamonds and gemstones, premium gold, and pure sterling silver. Most other "cannabis jewelry" is made with cheap materials, fake gems, CZs, and inferior plated metals.

The chief designer at High Point has decades of experience working in the diamond and gem industry, and makes certain that the company only sells the highest quality jewelry that will last a lifetime.

The company is also the originator of the popular "Molecule" line of jewelry. Available in THC and CBD styles, these interesting designs are among the company's biggest sellers.

High Point was the first cannabis jewelry featured at the New York Fashion Show, and has been widely featured in national media, including on Vice TV’s The Most Expensivest with 2 Chainz, ELLE Magazine, Sway, INC Magazine, Rolling Stone, and Forbes. Company executives were named “America’s Finest Entrepreneurs” and were included on the list of “Power Women of Cannabis.”

Customers are incredibly loyal to High Point Jewelry, and the company enjoys a high rate of repeat business. This can be attributed not only to the product quality, but also to the superior customer service.

Perhaps the best Valentine's gift for the cannabis lover is jewelry from High Point.

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Yeti Yummies

These outrageously delicious gummies are taking Colorado by storm! Yeti Yummies are made by Yeti Farms - a well known Colorado farm that is respected for using organic processes and raising the finest sun-grown cannabis in the state. The farm turns its superb cannabis flower into pure oils that are used to make their Yeti Yummies.

Yeti Yummies are available for both the recreational and medical markets.

Customers say they are the best tasting gummies on the market. Flavors include: Saturday Morning Pancakes, Horchata, Strawberry, Grape, Tangerine, Lemon Lime, Mountain Melon (a blend of cantaloupe and watermelon), Grapefruit, Stromegranate (a combination of strawberry and pomegranate), Black Cherry Bomb and Peachin' - who has a character with her own backstory.

Shawn Honaker, owner of Yeti Farms, said he developed Yeti Yummies to set a new standard for clean, natural edibles with consistency, purity, and incredible flavor.

“The fact is, the market is already full of gummies, and some of them are very good,” he said. “We knew that to be successful with a new gummy on the market, it had to be superior in every way.”

Accordingly, Yeti Yummies are made with the same care that goes into every aspect of Yeti Farms: Only all-natural organic techniques are used, without any pesticides, herbicides, or harmful chemicals.

Yeti Farms has a tight-knit group of dedicated employees. The farm has become a hotbed of innovation and has developed some of the most interesting, top-quality products in the Colorado market.

Yeti Yummies are available at dispensaries throughout Colorado, but they typically sell out fast. If your local dispensary does not carry them, you can ask the budtender or manager to to order some and Yeti Farms will get them delivered in whatever flavor you want, usually within one day.

For more information, visit:

Desert AZEE

Desert AZEE is an Arizonan brand of hemp-derived CBD oil products, known for its high quality. And unlike many CBD brands, this company does their own production and manufacturing so they can control the process from start to finish.

The term "Azee" comes from a Navajo word for medicine.

Each of their products are designed to bring holistic relief and make wellness a priority in your day.

Our favorite product of this boutique company is their Vegan Gelcaps. The process to make vegan gelcaps is costly and time-consuming, so most companies don't even bother.

Desert AZEE is formulated and manufactured in their mountaintop facility, which is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services. Each batch of oil is lab tested and certified.

We applaud Desert AZEE for its commitment to providing superior quality products in a wide range of categories, including tinctures, edibles, lip balms, gelcaps, pet treats, and more.

For more information, visit:


This innovative company believes strongly that plants support the body + mind in healing. They use nothing but 100% botanical ingredients, nothing harmful, formulated for particular actions.

The product line is formulated to assist the body in calming the nervous system and enhancing the skin. This also assists in the regulation of the immune system.

Central to the company's philosophy is the belief that plants heal and that Phyto-Medicine is the future of health and skincare.

Since your skin is the manifestation of what is going on internally in your body and mind, Khus + Khus products support people on their journey toward healing themselves. It starts by making choices that support health and balance.

Company Founder, Kristi Blustein, believes in plants and their ability to support growth, healing, and expansion of consciousness. She also practices and studies yoga, ayurvedic, and has studied under the guidance of some of the most renowned teachers in each field. She launched KHUS + KHUS in 2016 to create a line of plant-based products formulated to help one move toward a more holistic lifestyle and balanced existence.

Trust us, these products are incredible.

For more information, visit:

Foria Wellness

Foria Wellness just keeps getting better. The company created the first-ever cannabis and hemp brand in the sexual wellness space, with effective organic and plant-based formulas for vibrant wellbeing – in and out of the bedroom.

Their "intimacy Collection" features their bestselling Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD. This unique topical works with your body to enhance pleasure, ease discomfort, and help make great sex even better with a blend of broad-spectrum CBD and organic botanicals.

Awaken was designed to support sexual wellness for women and people with vulvas – solo or with a partner.

The company also has premium quality vape pens, lubricants, and Bath Salts with CBD and Cacao. This mineral-rich Epsom and Himalayan salt base is enhanced with infusions of organically-grown kava, cacao, rose, and hemp.

Love it!

For more information, visit:

Uncle Herbs

Uncle Herbs is an award-winning brand of cannabis-infused products in Arizona. Uncle Herbs product line includes infused Cherry Drops, Lemon Drops, Vegan Organic Watermelon Rings, Dried Apricots and Pineapples, Peach Rings, and Mixed Nut Clusters.

Their famous gummies were awarded "Best Edible" in Arizona.

The company's infused edibles include its famous Hippy Organic Creamy Peanut Butter, and its famed Bigfoot Chocolate Bar, which won Best Edible at the 710 Cup in 2016.

Uncle Herbs products are loved throughout Arizona. The company is respected because they use only the highest quality natural and wholesome ingredients, and carefully craft their products in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

For more information, visit:

Therapeutic Treats

Therapeutic Treats is on a mission to provide the best CBD chocolate supplements that will improve the quality of life of health-

conscious consumers. Their products are sourced from organic, domestic, CO2 extracted CBD and combined with premium Ecuadorian chocolate and other organic ingredients.

Thera Treats (short for “Therapeutic Treats”), has a wide selection of CBD-infused chocolates in artisanal flavors like Caramel Coconut Drizzle, and Peach Hazelnut. We loved all the flavors, but hold a particular fondness for the decadent flavor of the Sea-Salted Strawberry Chocolate Bar. A 2 oz bar contains 60 mg of CBD.

The company believes in adhering to the highest standards so all of their products contain fresh, natural ingredients and they use the safest possible preparation techniques.

Visually, this product is absolutely beautiful. The packaging features a premium artisanal design that both looks and feels high-end. Each bar of chocolate has the concentration and Thera Treats logo molded onto it, further enhancing the high-end appeal of the product.

By combining premium chocolate with the highest quality ingredients and premium CBD, Thera Treats has created a collection of delicious CBD chocolate bars that not only taste great but actually work as well.

For more information, visit: www.

Gold Flora

In California, some of the best cannabis products are coming from Gold Flora. The company has a line of ultra-premium vape pens, and outstanding small-batch flower that is cultivated and cared for by hand at their indoor grow facility.

The flower is meticulously inspected and cared for by hand, each harvest is tagged and tested at its peak of maturity, processed naturally—never any chemicals or additives —and verified by state-accredited independent laboratories.

From flower to the final product, Gold Flora's oil is naturally CO2 extracted and tested in parts per billion at each stage; ensuring the right balance of flavor, taste and potency. But they don’t stop there – their hardware also goes through shake, force and vapor machine testing to ensure superior performance, airflow, and oil consistency.

The most recent addition to their product line is called "Small Buds." These delightful, smaller flower buds come in a variety of strains and are simply wonderful.

For more information, visit:


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