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Dermatologist Warns About CBD Beauty Products

CBD’s good reputation and pervasiveness is a good sign because it represents the progress that cannabis has gone through in recent years, but it also raises some red flags, particularly for skeptics. How can a compound that treats pain and provides stress relief also be used to treat skin when applied topically?

To make matters worse, CBD products in the beauty industry tend to be expensive, with some small bottles of cream and serums starting at $100. Ouch.

Celebrity endorsed brands that feature CBD in their products make broad claims, highlighting the fact that the compound is a calming agent and that it can reduce stress and irritation on the skin. While anti-inflammatory results have appeared in different tests conducted on CBD (mostly when its ingested), there’s no sufficient research available on CBD’s effect in skincare.

The Huffington Post spoke with several dermatologists and asked for their opinion regarding CBD skincare products. Most of them agreed that while CBD does sound promising, there’s no way of knowing right now if the compound does what the brands are saying. “I would be cautiously optimistic about adding CBD to a skin care routine,” said New York dermatologist Michele Farber. “Although there is definite evidence that CBD has beneficial effects, studies are preliminary and CBD typically is not the strongest option available.” She also said that while there’s no scientific data, CBD “has been shown to reduce inflammation, aid in pain relief, improve hydration and reduce oil production.” The anti-inflammatory agent and anti-oil effect may also help people in treating and managing their acne.

Jordan Wang, another New York dermatologist, echoes this sentiment, explaining that more research is necessary in order to draw definitive conclusions regarding CBD. “Claims for anti-aging benefits deserve the most scrutiny, but consumers should know that current research is still exploring the benefits of CBD,” he said.

Despite the skepticism, dermatologists are carefully optimistic about CBD and its effect on skincare. While certain beauty brands may oversell CBD’s effect in their product, topicals remain one of the safest ways of getting to know the compound, especially if you purchase well-established products or ones sold through respected retail stores. There’s a thousand moving pieces in each of these CBD beauty products, so buyer beware. And do your research first!


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