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Gold Flora Releases Newly Developed Limited Edition Strain in California

Gold Flora, a vertically-integrated cannabis company in California, announced it is releasing a newly developed, limited edition strain, Lion’s Cake. This balanced hybrid strain is a proprietary cross that combines Zkittlez Cake, Lava Cake, and Divorce Cake.

Lion’s Cake has an earthy aroma with overtones of vanilla, fruit, pepper and almonds. It is reported that the large trichome-covered bud has many users feeling a sense of relaxation, euphoria, and mindfulness.

The unique strain was developed exclusively for Gold Flora by Jack Whipple, CEO of Whipple Effect Consulting and Pyschonaut Genetics, and was cultivated at Gold Flora Farms - a state-of-the-art indoor grow facility located in Desert Hot Springs, California.

“This is one of the most exciting strains to hit the California market in years,” said Greg Gamet, Chief Operating Officer at Gold Flora. “It captures the best attributes of several exceptional strains and combines them into one magnificent plant. We are currently cultivating several Psychonaut Genetics strains and will be releasing more in the future,” he added.

Psychonaut Genetics specializes in creating new strains of cannabis by crossing award-winning strains from world-renown breeders. The company is a division of Whipple Effect Consulting – a specialist in cultivation operations. “We are extremely proud of the new Lion’s Cake strain,” Whipple commented. “We wanted to develop a strain that produced a crystal clear-like high, without couch-lock or over sedation. We think we nailed it and are eager to see the public’s reaction.”

The new, limited-edition strain is highly potent, testing over 35% THC, and will be available to select dispensaries throughout the state.

Gold Flora also owns King’s Crew in Long Beach, California, a contemporary adult-use dispensary located on Pacific Coast Highway. King’s Crew will be the first location to offer Lion’s Cake to the public, along with its other exclusive strains.

King’s Crew will be celebrating its 2nd Anniversary on Memorial Day Weekend. Starting May 28, King’s Crew customers can enjoy 4 days of exclusive promotions, including giftbags to the first 50 customers each day who purchase Gold Flora’s new flower in a 3.5g jar.

To find Lion’s Cake and other Gold Flora products, visit to locate a dispensary near you.


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