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Vuber Vaporizers Coming to California

Vuber Vaporizers Coming to California

Vuber Technologies, the developers of a line of high-quality and innovative personal vaporizers, announced today that it will be selling its popular devices in California. The company is currently the number one market leader in the state of Washington.


Vuber Technologies Founder and President, Brandon Gallagher, said that the company’s devices are perfect for California. “We strive to deliver the best-designed vaporizers on the market, that offer portability, reliability and value,” Gallagher stated. “We build-in world-class technology and advanced features, for those that want a premium vaping experience.”


The company is currently accepting inquires from dispensaries and smoke-shops that want to carry the Vuber line of vaporizers. The company will be limiting the number of retail shops and collectives that carry the brand in order to maintain their exclusivity and quality control.


“The Vuber brand stands for quality, consistency, exclusivity and enjoyment,” Gallagher said. “Accordingly, our goal is to have our products sold in stores that share our vision: To provide premium products along with unsurpassed customer service.”


The first smoke shops, retail stores and collectives to carry the Vuber line of vaporizers will receive preferential partnership status, pricing allowances, and other premier perks. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the company now and request a retail or distributorship agreement.


Vuber Technologies plans on having its products available in prime locations throughout California by April 20 (4/20), in conjunction with the company’s planned major marketing initiative that will promote the product line and drive traffic to retail locations.

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