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5 Best Vaporizers on the Market

Portable vaporizers are the most popular form of vapes. They are small, compact, and loaded with powerful technology. Here's our review of the top 5 vaporizers on the market, taking into account quality, price, convenience and performance, as well as user reviews.

#1 The Vuber Nova

There is a reason that Vuber is the best selling brand in some states. Ergonomic and durable, this is a high powered variable temperature machine with a ceramic convection heating chamber capable of performing all your vaping needs.

The Vuber Nova Vaporizer not only brings your flower to vaping temps in under thirty seconds with a larger cleaner cloud, but that is also capable of passing to a friend with no need for reheating.

Customers love this unit and have given it high reviews.

The company is also known for its great customer service, making Vuber one of the best loved brands in the vape world.

#2 The Matrix Vaporizer

Takes the #2 spot on our list by offering the good value with great performance at an affordable price. Vapor from the dry herb is smooth and clean, and users can even swap out the chamber for one that accepts oil concentrates. A paragon of simplicity in operation and maintenance, and a great overall vape makes The Matrix hard to beat in this price range. If you are on the lookout for an affordable vaporizer that produces far more than its price suggests, The Matrix just might be the one.

#3 V2 Cigs

This is one of the top electronic cigarette retailers on the Internet with a loyal following a huge sales numbers. But last year they released their V2 Cigs Pro Series Vaporizer. It's a 3-in-1 vapor pen that can handle dry herbs, oil, and wax. V2 says that the Pro Series is "designed for e-liquid but performs equally well with dry herb and wax". After testing it for ourselves, that makes a whole lot of sense. The V2 Pro definitely worked best for our oil concentrate. While the V2 Pro isn't going to challenge the top vapes anytime soon, it is a nice addition to be able to vape dry herbs and wax to switch things up.

#4 G Pen Elite

The exquisite design of G Pen is complemented by an LCD screen that shows important info such as the current temperature and remaining battery juice. As for performance, the vaporizer works between 200F and 428, and can reach up to 375F in mere 30 seconds. Using the pen is very easy: charge the battery, fill the chamber, turn it on by pressing the power button five times and enjoy. According to our experience, the Pen works best between the range of 325F and 375F, and especially when you take slow, long puffs. The best thing is that it didn’t get hot even after a prolonged use. G Pen Elite vaporizer gets full marks in terms of design, performance and vapor quality.

#5 The KandyPens SkyCloud

This is a solid 3-in-1 vaporizer, which works with dry herb, THC e-liquid, and wax/oil concentrates. It comes with different attachments for each type of product, and performs quite well with each of them. It doesn't quite match the dry herb vapor quality of some others in the category. so note that if you're going to be using mainly dry herb, tthen there are definitely better options. Best of all, it's under $100, can easily fit in your pocket, is durable, and it gets high scores from users.

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