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New Beer Smells Like Marijuana


“Smells of Freedom” is DC Brau’s newest seasonal india pale ale, made in collaboration with Colorado’s Oskar Blues Brewery. It does not, however, contain actual weed. Instead the smell and taste was created with a combination of three hops, which created the unique cannabis aroma.


The two breweries planned the flavor in advance of the legalization of recreational marijuana in D.C. back in November.


DC Brau co-founder Brandon Skall told The Washington Post that he doesn’t smoke pot, although he does believe that people should have the freedom to smoke it, comparing the fight for the legalization of marijuana to ending prohibition. If anything, Skall sees the beer more as a demonstration for freedom inspired by the annual tax bill that he pays in the District.


Skall said that he expects the beer to sell out quickly, especially given that there are only 120 barrels of Smells Like Freedom. Get it while you can!



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