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BlackStar Industrial Properties Offers Space in New Fully Licensed California Cannabis Complex

BlackStar Industrial Properties (, announced that is has a single space left in its state-of-the-art cannabis complex in Southern California. Lease applications are now being accepted for this space as well as for Phase 2, scheduled to begin occupancy later this year.

With over 20-years’ experience building large-scale communities throughout California, BlackStar worked with some of the leading experts in the cannabis industry to build the world’s finest, fully licensed and compliant cannabis complex. BlackStar has been leasing space to responsible and professional businesses seeking to enter or expand in the California market.

Laurie Holcomb, President of Blackstar Industrial Properties said that the complex is unique for a number of reasons.

“Many start-ups underestimate the challenges ahead. For instance, some companies leased space in a new ‘cannabis zone’ only to discover the property had not obtained water rights or sufficient electrical capacity, which will be expensive and take years to remedy.

“Others found excessive local taxes that could have been avoided if they built in an adjacent city. And some entrepreneurs failed to consider that power rates vary greatly, not only from one region to the next, but sometimes from one side of the street to the other.”

Blackstar Cannabis Complex

With years of land building expertise, Blackstar knew how to work through these issues, and developed a fully-licensed indoor facility, designed and constructed by leading architects, engineers and general contractors, geared toward attracting the industry’s top compliant cannabis brands and companies.

The complex features some of the lowest taxes in California, along with guaranteed power at agricultural rates, fiber optic infrastructure, plenty of parking with easy freeway access, and low lease rates.

“We developed the first cannabis campus of its kind, with state-of-the-art technologies, best-in-class innovations, a top line infrastructure, and in a cannabis friendly location,” Holcomb said. “This complex is where the industry’s best and brightest will go to grow their companies and expand their brands.”

Those interested in entering or expanding in the California cannabis market, can call BlackStar Industrial Properties for information or a lease application, at (949) 252-1177.

For more information, visit:

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