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Tesla Batteries Can Benefit Marijuana Growers

Recently unveiled, the Tesla Battery gives home owners and businesses an easy, slick, affordable way to store electricity. The 10kWh battery costs just $3,500 and can be “stacked” in sets of up to nine units. Larger capacity batteries of infinitely-scaleable capacity will be available to large businesses and governments.

There’s three general use cases for the battery: storing electricity purchased during cheaper, off-peak hours for use during high-demand periods; storing electricity generated by solar power or other renewable sources for use around the clock; and as a backup power source for when the grid goes down.

And who uses an awful lot of electricity? Marijuana growers.

With two 10kWh Tesla Batteries, a commercial grow facility could shift some of its load to off-peak hours. Savings in demand charges alone could total $8,000 a year, while use charges could lower by $5,500, for a total savings of $13,500.

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