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Chelsea Handler Strips Down on How Cannabis Changed Her Life

The comedian, actor and activist is touring Canada for a series of chats about pot and politics, and how cannabis changed her life.

“Women really need to be reintroduced into the cannabis world and be emboldened and empowered to make it part of their lifestyle,” Handler said.

Handler, who has hosted several TV shows including Chelsea Does, is planning to launch her own line of marijuana. She’s been travelling to grow-ops to educate herself and aims to soon launch a product line for women.

She said she will focus on products that are light and won’t overwhelm people, drawing from her own experience getting scared off the drug in the past by taking uncontrolled doses.

“I think a lot of people have bad experiences with edibles, where you’re high for eight hours in a corner in a bathroom. That’s no fun at all, and it doesn’t have to be that way,” she said.

Handler, who loves to get nude and take selfies, recently shifted focus from comedy and acting to activism, said using cannabis is the only way she’s been able to survive Donald Trump’s presidency.

“I was re-introduced to cannabis once Trump was elected because alcohol was a little bit too on the nose for me and I already abuse it. So I started to use cannabis again because it was becoming legal in the state of California."

While marketing products specifically to women can be a fine line to tread — Doritos got hammered on social media in February for marketing a less crunchy, less dusty “lady-friendly” chip — Handler said she is merely using her own experiences as a woman to share the benefits she gets from cannabis.

“It’s not like I’m a man trying to appeal to women. I think women want to feel like they’re in control. You go out for a few drinks of wine with your girlfriends, you know what kind of night that’s going to be. If you’re going out for margaritas, you know what kind of night that’s going to be. And that’s the way it should be with cannabis,” she said.

“So it took me a long time to come back to it, and now that it’s so controlled, I’ve had such an amazing experience with it that I just want to share it with everybody.”

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