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CVS to Sell Cannabis-Based Products

The largest pharmacy chain in the country has begun selling CBD products in eight states, marking a potentially major development in the gro

The Future of Weed Tourism

"With federal prohibition and current consumption laws it will be difficult to fully promote and take advantage of what we have to offe

Thousands of Cannabis Licenses Set to Expire in California

The clock is ticking for thousands of legal cannabis licenses set to expire over the coming months. More than 10,000 licenses are due to lapse over the next six months, according to an analysis of state licensing data. The anticipated expirations complicate the efforts of legal cannabis companies to follow the letter of state law, which requires all businesses touching the marijuana plant to have a valid license. Without a license, operators face a choice to either close their doors or slip into the black market. California regulators awarded thousands of temporary licenses in 2018, each lasting 120 days plus additional 90-day extensions. To transition the industry to a permanent licensing s

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